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From: Thomas A. Hunter

Greetings Fellow Niche Marketer;

I've designed this Free Niche Marketing Training Class to help you become an effective niche marketer and avoid the mistakes and pitfalls many marketers fall into. These lessons contain the most important tips, tricks and secrets that will make you a smarter niche marketer. This comprehensive Niche Marketing Training Class is offered to you FREE, with no obligation.

Here is the actual Table of Contents...

  • An Introduction to Niche Marketing
  • How to Tell if a Niche is Too Crowded
  • What You Need to Operate a Niche Marketing Site
  • Top Research Ideas for Your Niche Product
  • How to Develop Your Own Niche Products or Services
  • How to Find Affiliate Based Niche Products and Services to Sell
  • Tips for Finding Wholesale Sources of Niche Products
  • How to Choose a Sales Pulling Domain Name
  • How to Select a Web Host for Your Niche Site
  • How to Build a Website to Sell Your Niche Product or Service
  • Killer Copywriting Tips to Increase Niche Sales
  • How to Accept Payment for Your Niche Products
  • Great Sources for Free Shopping Carts
  • How to Price Shipping and Handling for Physical Goods
  • How to Profit From Drop Shipping
  • How to Boost Sales of Your Niche Product or Service
  • How to Build Repeat Business Using Autoresponders
  • How to Explode Your Niche Product Sales Using Autoresponders
  • Explode Your Website Traffic With Simple Niche Articles
  • 4 Simple Methods For Boosting Traffic And Increasing Profits
  • Secrets to Getting Affiliates to Sell Your Niche Products and Services
  • Donít let Poor Customer Service Kill Your Business
  • How to Improve your Credibility and Gain More Sales
  • How to make money with a niche website without selling anything
  • Secrets of Profiting From Resale & Master Resale Rights to Niche Products

This Free Niche Marketing Training Class is delivered once per week to allow you to review and become familiar with each strategy. Occasionally I will also send to you by separate email, timely tips, bargains and ideas to help you improve your marketing success.

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