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From: Thomas A. Hunter


I've designed this Free Internet Security Training Class to help you become safer on the internet. These lessons contain the most important tips, tricks and secrets that will help you improve your online security.

This comprehensive Internet Security Training Class is offered to you FREE, with no obligation.

Here is the actual Table of Contents...

  • Top Five Vulnerable Areas in Internet Security
  • Pound Those Pop-Ups
  • Malware is bad for your Computer
  • Identity Theft via Internet Security Flaws
  • Top Five Spyware Threats to Internet Security
  • Downloads – How to Protect Your Computer
  • How Do Cookies Influence Internet Security?
  • Cleaning your Computer's Registry for Safety
  • Inoculate Yourself against Computer Viruses
  • Key Logging Protection – Three Reasons Why You Need It
  • Key Logging Part Two – Three Reasons why it is a Problem
  • Does Spam Filtering Really Help?
  • How to Safely Close those Pop-up Windows
  • Exterminate those Bugs on your PC
  • Three Reasons to Wipe Your Computer’s Internet History Files Clean
  • Four Ways to Keep your PC Worm-Free
  • Five Tips to Keep Kids Safe on the Internet
  • Five Ways to Avoid Being Hooked by the Phishing Scam
  • Top Ten Tools to Boost your Internet Security
  • Eight Ways to Protect Your Identity Online
  • The Basics of Internet Website Encryption
  • The Digital Certificate - What’s It Mean and Why is It Important?
  • Three Ways to make sure your Online Credit Card Transaction is Safe
  • Top Four Ways to Ensure a Secure Password
  • Top Five Reasons to Install a Firewall
  • Three Ways that an Internet Firewall Can Be Compromised
  • How to Know if You Need to Download that Security Patch
  • Hijacked at Home - Five Steps to Protect Your Home PC
  • What You Should Know BEFORE Downloading that “Helpful” Toolbar
  • Ten Tips to Keep your PC Up and Running
  • Chat Room Challenge – Five Tips to Ensure Your Anonymity
  • When Formatting the Hard Drive is Your Only Recourse
  • What is Spyware and Why is it so Bad?
  • Three Things that Adware does to your Computer
  • Five Things you can do To Protect Your Privacy
  • How to Stop Computer Hackers in their Tracks
  • How to Filter Out All the Unnecessary Junk
  • What Enabling Cookies means to your Computer’s Security
  • Dial-Up vs. Broadband - Which is the Safer Alternative?
  • Three Ways Instant Messaging Compromises Internet Security
  • Why Mobile Technology Needs More Security
  • What IP Addresses Mean in the Scheme of Internet Security
  • Three Benefits to Using an Internet Remailer
  • Computer Viruses and How to Protect Your Computer against Them
  • Internet Anonymizers – Why and When You Should Use Them
  • Three Ways to Identify a Virus Hoax
  • Computer Cookies Can Be Bad For Your Computer’s Health
  • Why Scripted Viruses are Bad News
  • Six Tips for Staying Healthy in a Computer Virus World

This Free Internet Security Training Class is delivered once per week to allow you to review and become familiar with each strategy. Occasionally I will also send to you by separate email, timely tips, bargains and ideas to help you improve your eBay experience.

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